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Magazine Cover: the design process & putting it together

The design of my magazine cover is based on ‘ELLE’, as I think it is a very clear and simple cover to look at and take in (not so in your face).



Magazine cover (Poster): the plan

The basis for my (A4-sized) poster is to be that of ‘ELLE’ magazine. I chose this particular publication, because their cover designs I feel are very fresh with ‘clean’ looking which I would like to try and emulate.


News story 3: Residents unhappy over proposed new flyover plans

The idea for this story came to be when my house received a leaflet explaining about an extension of flyover bridge from Croydon town centre to join another major road at the South of Croydon. I did some research and discovered that there had been a backlash to the proposed plans, with 89% of voters wanting a tunnel instead of a network of flyovers.