Magazine cover (Poster): the plan

The basis for my (A4-sized) poster is to be that of ‘ELLE’ magazine. I chose this particular publication, because their cover designs I feel are very fresh with ‘clean’ looking which I would like to try and emulate.

In terms of the cover image, because of the audience it is aimed at, I will use an image of a model called Shermine (whose image is taken by renowned  photographer Enga Purevjav). The image is striking and the colours in it are very simple, yet beautiful. No changes appear to be needed with the background, and so I think it is best to keep the original photograph and just build from there.

The ‘ELLE’ logo which I shall obtain from Google will be placed onto the cover at the top centre of the page, though once having mulled over various designs, one or both of the ‘L’s will be cut out so the centre image will be in style like other regular issues of this magazine.

Angelina-Jolie-Interview-Elle-Magazine-June-2014   article-1344250-0CA6711F000005DC-265_306x407


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