Meeting with my tutor – feedback

I had a meeting with my tutor to receive feedback about my review and first news story. This session was very useful, because I was able to see what could be improved.

Review of Lisa Marie Presley’s Storm & Grace:

Feedback for this piece of work was mainly positive, with just a few comments on what I could add such as an example of a striking lyrics and changing some phrases to make them more original and fresh. Ideally you want to make your review gripping and interesting, so expressing your thoughts in a way that for someone who hasn’t come across what you are reviewing – would know exactly how to imagine it, how it feels. Other things that needed to be added is the source where Lisa Marie was quoted to have discussed her writing process.

I also explained that this particular review would be used as a ‘throwback review’ that you would often find in magazines like NME, for example.


News story of Fifty Shades of Grey opening in Falmouth:

There were only a few things that needed changing or to be included. Upon discussion, it was decided that some facts should be added into the piece in order to illustrate the broader context of the film, e.g. the success of the books (number of copies sold worldwide), and total amount of tickets sold across the UK so readers can get an idea of how popular the film is in the UK.



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