Q&A Interview: Photographer Enga Purevjav

For my Q&A interview, I interviewed New York-based photographer Enga Purevjav. I enjoyed doing this interview, because I have not been able to interview many people from this industry before.

I have included two images: one of Enga Purevjav herself at the top of the interview (this is the perfect placement), and an image taken by her. These pictures would compliment the main piece. When including material such as this, it is important to remember to credit wherever/whoever you obtained the image from because this could be regarded as stealing.

It is interesting to hear what occurs during a typical day at a photoshoot, so I wanted to dive in deeper and hear about every little detail. The questions ranged from topics such as what inspired Enga to become a photographer, her views on the ‘plus size’ models that are becoming more widely accepted in the modelling world, and how she feels working in a predominantly male industry.

Target publications for this interview would be UK magazine ‘Professional Photographer’ and US print ‘Dazed’, as I think this would be suitable for this niche area. The Q&A interview should be placed about mid-way through the magazine.

0012   6-1024x636



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