Profile: Putting it together

As mentioned before, my profile is about a metal bassist called Josh Acid.

The transcribing of the interview and choosing images to put into the profile was not a difficult as I thought it would be. I managed to take one image of Josh which is the one used on the first page. This image had to be edited slightly, as it was a bit blurred, but the end result looked satisfactory. The other two images of Josh performing are by Monica Cacciola who I have credited to taking them (it is important to credit any images due to the fact this can be regarded as stealing, or without the photographers permission if no name is mentioned). This is because in the time I had with Josh, it was not possible for me to see him perform and take photographs myself of him in that environment. These images I feel illustrate the piece perfectly.

Deciding where to place said images was not difficult, since I thought they would look better spread out through the piece rather than all near each other. They all relate to the subject too.


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