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Tequila drinking with Cleo Rocos

Cleo displaying her Aquariva creation (Image courtesy of Cleo Rocos)

Cleo displaying her Aquariva creation (Image courtesy of Cleo Rocos)

Cleo Rocos is famous for her appearances alongside Kenny Everett on ‘The Kenny Everett Television Show’, but the last few years have found Cleo venturing into a different area of expertise…creating her own brand of Tequila.


Walker Stalker Con, London (February 20-21)



Olympia hosted one of its biggest events this year when Walker Stalker Con was brought to London for the first time.


A viewing experience: ‘Dogs in Space’ on Blu-ray!


My rating: 10/10

Directed and written by: Richard Lowenstein

Starring: Michael Hutchence, Saskia Post, Nique Needles, Chris Haywood, Deanna Bond, Tony Helou, Laura Swanson, Emma de Clario


*DISCLAIMER: I will assume you have seen the film….*


Rhett Hutchence on SKULL, “the largest skull store in the world.”

There are plenty of unique stores around, but none can beat SKULL. Founded by Rhett Hutchence and his partner Vera Ribeiro, the store which is located on Jalan Petitenget and Jalan Seminyak (Bali) host a wide range of fascinating creations (everything from clothes to stylised skulls), and have gone from strength-to-strength attracting an array of customers – even converting non-skull lovers!

Here Rhett discusses the inspirations behind the intriguing items, his love for Bali and why he chooses to reside there with its inspiring environment.


Rhett and his partner Vera at Yak Awards' 2014 (Image courtesy of Rhett Hutchence)

Rhett and his partner Vera Ribeiro at Yak Awards’ 2014 (Image courtesy of Rhett Hutchence)


Director Richard Lowenstein on INXS: “The best videos we did had qualities of film soundtracks”

Richard Lowenstein is an Australian film maker whose most notable work includes directing and producing music videos such as U2’s Angel of Harlem and Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. Still currently directing movies, he discusses how he approaches his work and upcoming production, Ecco Homo.

Doing what he does best (Image courtesy of Richard Lowenstein)

Doing what he does best…. (Image courtesy of Richard Lowenstein)