Extended (Issue-based) Feature: Chinese New Year celebrations in Britain

There were many ideas I had floating about for what to base my extended issue-based feature on, and I came to the settle on is that of Chinese New Year in Britain.

For this extended feature, I will be writing about how by holding the yearly celebrations in London and how it is educating younger people who may not be completely aware of the background to it. There will also be sections about the costs that go into organising the event in London (China Town, etc.), history of the celebration (Chinese Zodiac), and the original China Town will also be explained too. Another part of this feature which I felt was important was to explain the benefits of taking up Mandarin at GCSE level because it would be important for the future in terms of gaining business partnerships overseas and being able to communicate too. (Help the future of Britain).

In terms of quotes, I will be including some from those who have helped or contributed to a local school’s celebration this year, as well as some younger children/teens.

A feature of this kind would be targeted at a culture-based publication or website such as Flux and Shout magazine which is a publication for teenage girls who may find an interest in this topic. It could be placed just halfway through the publications.




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