Album review: All Saints ‘Red Flag’

My rating: 4/5

Red Flag is the fourth studio album by All Saints, and also their comeback release in April 2016 (their last being Studio 1 in 2006). The ladies certainly did not disappoint and I can honestly say the whole album is really addictive.



Album Review: Harry Styles self-titled debut, ‘Harry Styles’

My Rating: 4/5


With an upcoming world tour sold-out in minutes, the much anticipated release of former One Direction member Harry Styles’ debut album reached its peak when released last Friday. Upon first listen you were hooked!


Director Richard Lowenstein on INXS: “The best videos we did had qualities of film soundtracks”

Richard Lowenstein is an Australian film maker whose most notable work includes directing and producing music videos such as U2’s Angel of Harlem and Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. Still currently directing movies, he discusses how he approaches his work and upcoming production, Ecco Homo.

Doing what he does best (Image courtesy of Richard Lowenstein)

Doing what he does best…. (Image courtesy of Richard Lowenstein)


Travel blogger Jennifer Johnston: “…..we turned around to see it was Michael Hutchence”

Jennifer Johnston (Image courtesy of Jennifer Johnston)

Jennifer Johnston (Image courtesy of Jennifer Johnston)

On Sunday 22nd it was the 18th anniversary of INXS rock legend Michael Hutchence passing. Australian travel blogger Jennifer Johnston recalls unexpectedly meeting Michael in 1986 outside of the INXS gig at the University of Massachusetts where she was a student.