Profile: Josh Acid

It was difficult at the beginning in terms of deciding who I could do a profile piece on, when it suddenly clicked in my mind to have a browse through Twitter and see if inspiration would hit me.

Only after a few minutes I (by pure chance) came across an interesting Italian bassist called Josh Acid who has been part of bands in the metalcore/rock genre. The idea came to me that I could interview him because I thought it’d be nice to hear about what it is like to perform on stage and hear about his background too.

I decided to send him and tweet asking him whether it would be possible, and waited for an reply. After a few days he replied back and we set a date for when I could come back to London and interview him. The interview went successfully and I was able to get a bigger picture of his musical interests and his views on mainstream music today.

The interview itself lasted for an hour and because it was recorded I had to transcribe it – a rather long and tedious process. But all was good and I then set about picking out striking quotes to use in the piece (its word count guideline being 1,500). I have images to include in the piece as well.

My hope is to bring a personal account of a musicians performing experience to the pages of a student magazine such as Flex or in a popular publication such as Rock Sound. A profile piece of this kind would best fit a few pages into the magazine.


Jbutler_Seedsfund_Rollingstone_2007-3    ae6335647f527996bbad1b47b85dfe12


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