News story 2: Marina and the Diamonds ‘FROOT’ release

Musicians feature a lot in the news, so covering a music event would be ideal.

The idea came to me when I read about a fan event for the release of Marina and the Diamonds new album, FROOT which is released to be released on March 16th. The event is held at HMV in oxford Street (London) of which only 140 tickets were available, and I was lucky enough to grab hold of one. Here Marina would be performing 3 tracks from the album and a signing taking place afterwards in the store.

I will get quotes from fans about their feelings on the new album, meeting Marina and also what they thought of her live performance. Additional context will be given about the singer and her previous record sales.

A story such as this I would put forward for the music section in London-based newspapers (as the event took place in the centre of London) such as The Metro and The Evening Standard since they are both tabloid evening publications, the type where a commuter would pick it up along their train journey, for example. The review would go near the end of the newspaper.



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