News story 3: Residents unhappy over proposed new flyover plans

The idea for this story came to be when my house received a leaflet explaining about an extension of flyover bridge from Croydon town centre to join another major road at the South of Croydon. I did some research and discovered that there had been a backlash to the proposed plans, with 89% of voters wanting a tunnel instead of a network of flyovers.

I thought it would be of interest to hear local residents thoughts whose area would be most affected by the plans. I briefly interviewed a couple of the residents and they certainly voiced their opinions. Also to be featured in the article is information about the original flyover built in the 1990s. This was a relatively straightforward piece to put together.

An article about this would be printed in local newspapers such as The Croydon Advertiser and The Croydon Guardian. Also, it could possibly be brought to the readers attention by being on the front page and with indication that for more of the story, to turn over onto the first page inside.



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