A viewing experience: ‘Dogs in Space’ on Blu-ray!


My rating: 10/10

Directed and written by: Richard Lowenstein

Starring: Michael Hutchence, Saskia Post, Nique Needles, Chris Haywood, Deanna Bond, Tony Helou, Laura Swanson, Emma de Clario


*DISCLAIMER: I will assume you have seen the film….*



Rocking it: An interview with White Miles

(Image: Johannes Kogler)

(Image: Johannes Kogler)

White Miles supported Courtney Love on her tour last year, blasting their energetic music to the masses & definitely leaving a mark on each audience member present!

Here Medina Rekic (Guitar/vocals) and Hansjörg Loferer ‘Lofi’ (Drums/vocals ) discuss how they met and the process of making their debut album, job: genius, diagnose: madness.