Photographer Richard Simpkin on Michael Hutchence: “He took me under his wing”


Richard Simpkin (Image courtesy of newhollandpublishers)

November 22nd marked the 18th anniversary of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence passing. Richard Simpkin (now an award-winning photographer) who befriended the INXS frontman back in 1990 has released a book which is a collection of photographs and memorabilia taken by himself over the years that they were together as a tribute for Michael, the Hutchence family and fans.




Conversation with a ‘Walking Dead’ fan

Megan Wyszynski ( @megdoubleyou ) is a major fan of the television series ‘The Walking Dead’, I wanted to ask her more about her thoughts on the series and what initially drew her to it….

Canadian superfan, Megan Wyszynski

Canadian superfan, Megan Wyszynski (courtesy of Megan Wyszynski)