Album review: All Saints ‘Red Flag’

My rating: 4/5

Red Flag is the fourth studio album by All Saints, and also their comeback release in April 2016 (their last being Studio 1 in 2006). The ladies certainly did not disappoint and I can honestly say the whole album is really addictive.

I have always been a fan of All Saints, yup, one of those 90s kids who thought the bands dress style was effortless and tried to emulate it. So when I heard that a new release was upon us, their first studio album in 10 years, I could hardly wait!

With the help of producers such as Hutch, K-Gee and Jonny Rockstar….Red Flag (which I would rank at number one of albums by them) was born. Upon first listen, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the ladies still have their recognisable sound, though reminiscent of their material in the 90s, is also current too.

It is pretty much impossible to choose a favourite from the track list, but at the moment it would be Puppet on a String, Red Flag, and Tribal. Red Flag the album, has songs that make you experience a mixture of feelings while listening to it, plus amazing vocals as well.

I really recommend this album to those who are fans of All Saints, and anybody who would love to hear something fresh and new!


The fact they are on tour currently (recently finishing supporting Take That on theirs) is so exciting too. You will be able to catch them at Kew the Music in Kew Gardens (London) on Thursday 13th July.

Buy tickets here


Keep up to date with the All Saints ladies here:








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