Album Review: Harry Styles self-titled debut, ‘Harry Styles’

My Rating: 4/5


With an upcoming world tour sold-out in minutes, the much anticipated release of former One Direction member Harry Styles’ debut album reached its peak when released last Friday. Upon first listen you were hooked!

Before ‘Harry Styles’ came out, there was a lot of speculation about what his sound would be like, given his dress style during the One Direction years, often leading him to be likened to Mick Jagger. For this reason, predictions of an indie/rock vibe was rife …. but they weren’t wrong!

Laced throughout are influences of Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and even Arctic Monkeys. Examples of this is evident in the opening track Meet Me in the Hallway which very much reminded me of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb in its melody. Only Angel has a strong feel of Rolling Stones, you can almost imagine Styles doing a move like Jagger when performing it! Kiwi (the fruit or a New Zealander? the latter me thinks) instantly makes you think of Arctic Monkeys with its heavy drum beat and powerful vocals.

Harry has a very good voice, and though he seemed to be one of the more popular members in One Direction, it is a relief to finally see him be fully involved in a project which is in his preferred genre and ‘direction’ *cough*  of music.

Every song on the album I am actually impressed by, and it might come across as a bit of a shock how honest the lyrics are, a lot of speculation being who it might involve in the songs seemingly about his love life (Two Ghosts, Ever Since New York,Carolina).

Harry Styles has been long judged since being a member in the former boy band, but I feel those who had been criticising him should give this album a listen and see that it isn’t like any of the current mainstream artists sound; and also a positive out of this debut release would be introducing classic groups such as Pink Floyd to younger fans who may not have heard of them before.

There is also a Behind the Album documentary exclusive to Apple Music for those who would like to see the background to producing Harry Styles and a look at the making of his debut single Sign of the Times.

I highly recommend this album to all!


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