Harry Styles ‘Sign of the Times’ single Review

Get your lighters out and start waving guys, Harry Styles has a new single Sign of the Times and it has hit no.1 knocking Ed Sheeran off the top spot!

I was excited when it was announced that Harry would be releasing his debut single on April 7th, I was really intrigued to hear what his sound would like. I guessed it would have an indie vibe seeing as that’s what his clothing style was like.

Upon first hearing the song, what struck me was how much it sounded like it was flung out straight from the 70s/80s, and the sort you can imagine being performed by the likes of Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Harry Nilsson and Coldplay. With this track he gets to fully display his vocals that I feel were kind of restricted when he was in One Direction. He has a very soulful voice.

The whole song is so addictive, and he deserves every success he gets with his solo career, with his debut album due to be released on 12th May.




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