Jamiroquai: ‘Automaton’ album Review

My Rating: 4/5

Jamiroquai’s newest album, Automaton, which was released on March 31st was very much anticipated given the 7 year wait – but worth it.

I originally became a Jamiroquai fan when my dad bought their 2002 masterpiece A Funk Odyssey on CD, it struck me that this band was really funky and the best to listen to out loud in the car, pure heaven. I had loved their albums in between (Dynamite (2005) and Rock Dust Light Star (2010)), but given this length of time to wait for the next release we were buzzing with anticipation to see what it sounded like.

On first listen you instantly feel the vibes of A Funk Odyssey, especially with its opening song Shake It On which has become one of my favourites. From start to finish it makes you feel like dancing, and trying out a dance move like Jay Kay perhaps! It’s titular song Automaton was the albums first single and a strong one at that, however I would have personally chosen Shake It On.

My favourite picks would also be Shake It On (of course ha!), SuperfreshCloud 9, and Carla. These are all guaranteed to get you grooving, something Jamiroquai does best.

As I listened to all the songs, it struck me how much you could honestly imagine them featuring in Saturday Night Fever soundtrack because the 70s disco funk sound is prominent. You may disagree but this is just my initial thought on it as the track list plays on.

I absolutely love Automaton and will definitely be playing it repeatedly on during jogs and working out, the motivation Jay Kay and his band give with their music gets you pumped to the max! Bravo.





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