Walker Stalker Con, London (February 20-21)



Olympia hosted one of its biggest events this year when Walker Stalker Con was brought to London for the first time.

Fans of  ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Boondock Saints’ were treated to a spectacular line-up of guests who were appearing over the weekend. This came as wonderful news to those who had been campaigning to get this particular US-based convention over the pond for a while now. There was a major buzz around the fact that Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride were booked to attend…hooray!

It was a weekend filled with excitement (albeit a little stressful) and gave visitors a chance to geek out along with others over your favourite actors. Throughout the day there were panels, autograph signings, photo ops and many stalls to have a look around.

Luckily the event was not crazily packed with people allowing you some decent space to be able to sit down and breathe.

A view of the convention

A view of the convention

The panels were such fun to watch in between any photo ops or autographs queues you may have been involved in. And if planned very carefully, you may have been able to view all of them. Though some lines took longer than necessary, I managed to see a good amount of talks given the time I had left each day. All the guests came across as genuine and hilarious too, helping put those who had questions at ease. This was also the case when going up to the autograph tables!

Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies & Chandler Riggs

(Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies & Chandler Riggs)


(Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus)

(Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus)


(Sean Patrick Flanery & David Della Rocco)

(Sean Patrick Flanery & David Della Rocco)

‘Walker Stalker’ overall was really well put together, with a leaf taken out of the US conventions book. Though there are some improvements to be made for next year, if more events are planned for those visitors who are only going to have a wander around the venue…all would be even more exciting!

(Day 1)

(Day 1)


(Day 2)

(Day 2)


I look forward to the convention when it appears again in 2017 and meeting more people!



A clip from the Andrew & Norman panel:


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