A viewing experience: ‘Dogs in Space’ on Blu-ray!


My rating: 10/10

Directed and written by: Richard Lowenstein

Starring: Michael Hutchence, Saskia Post, Nique Needles, Chris Haywood, Deanna Bond, Tony Helou, Laura Swanson, Emma de Clario


*DISCLAIMER: I will assume you have seen the film….*

I happened to be browsing on Amazon when I came across the recommendation of ‘Dogs in Space’ on Blu-ray! I of course became really excited because this is one of my favourite films, having seen it countless times. I did not realise that the film would be available in this format, so I definitely wanted to give this a go and witness the new lease of life bestowed upon it.

Even though delivery took a few days, when the parcel arrived it was lovely to see the film inside the wonderful blu-ray casing, making me even more eager to just rip it open and put it on. All the essentials were needed before settling down and starting the DVD: tissues, a cup of tea and some snacks (yes, I was going the whole hog) – not forgetting to dim the lights too.

And so the time had come for me to press play..to see it in all its HD glory. Volume turned up and comfortable on my couch, I was ready for this. All the anticipation towards what I was going to see now looming ever closer.

The screen then lit up with the opening image…..I was completely blown away by the clarity of the film on screen. It felt like I was viewing something through a fresh pair of eyes, WOW! I seemed to be awestruck because I realised I was indeed gawping at the TV. I was not prepared for how beautiful and current the visuals now were compared to every other time I had watched it in the past, whether it be on video or DVD. Its sound enhancement was equally spectacular, leaving all senses overwhelmed.


Promotional poster for the Blu-ray DVD release of 'Dogs in Space'

Promotional poster for the Blu-ray DVD release of ‘Dogs in Space’


Blu-ray fully enables you to appreciate and recognise how unique director Richard Lowenstein’s directing style is due to its crystal clear quality and all around ‘epicness’. Examples being clips of ‘Sputnik 2’ woven with the films narrative and the structuring of party scenes and humorous exchanges between house mates, fellow party-goers – not forgetting the classic performance pieces as well by Michael Hutchence. The whole cast help drive the plot along through the wild, energetic, emotional, hilarious and drug-fuelled scenes which unfold before your eyes.

Despite being originally released in 1986 (30 years…can you believe it??), the film still feels as intriguing to watch and oh so timeless. Thank the technological gods for the invention of Blu-bloody-ray, that’s all I can say! *bows down*




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