Marina and the Diamonds ‘Neon Nature Tour’, London Palladium


My rating: 10/10

At the London Palladium on December 6th, Marina and the Diamonds took to the stage and performed to a sold out show of her beloved ‘Diamonds’.

This was the first time I had been to a full concert of hers, the previous time only being two songs sung at her album signing for ‘FROOT’ at HMV on Oxford Street earlier in 2015. It had left me wanting more, Marina’s music is very addictive. So when the time had come to finally see her on tour, I literally leapt with joy!




The sets were colourful and the introductory video/animations for each act which displayed the transitioning of Marina’s image for each ‘era’: ‘The Family Jewels’, alter ego ‘Electra Heart’, then the ever-so colourful ‘FROOT’.

When Marina made her grand entrance onto the stage to begin ‘Mowgli’s Road’, the audience roared and the atmosphere was incredible. If you were not standing up already, you certainly did now…especially with the additional encouragement from Marina. Looking around and seeing the other fans around me really getting into the moment was great and something I will never forget. This of course was enhanced by the fact that mobile phones were kept down for the most part – you can fully appreciate the event this way.


Marina looked fantastic in her various performance outfits which are pretty simplistic in design but striking and figure-hugging. That is what I find appealing about her, the fact that she can pull off sexy but without revealing too much.


It was so exciting to hear all these songs live after waiting for 5 years! Performance-wise, her vocals were immaculate and it’s nice that she is not one of those musicians who mimes. The acoustic version of ‘Happy’ which was in the encore was beautiful and had the audience completely silent throughout the song.


A memorable night was had, and the show was everything I hoped it would be. I would definitely recommend anybody who loves a fun pop concert filled with amazingly catchy songs… Marina is a fabulous performer!





Act I (The Family Jewels)                                 Act II (Electra Heart)

  • Mowgli’s Road                                               –  Bubblegum Bitch
  • I am Not a Robot                                           –  Primadonna
  • Oh No!                                                             –  Teen Idle
  • Hollywood                                                       –  Lies
  • Obsessions                                                     – How to be a Heartbreaker


Act III (FROOT)                                                ENCORE                      

  • FROOT                                                             – Happy
  • Savages                                                             – Blue
  • Can’t Pin Me Down
  • I’m a Ruin
  • Forget
  • Immortal

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