Interview with Henry Maybury

Image: courtesy of Henry Maybury

Image: courtesy of Henry Maybury

Henry Maybury is a 22-year old musician whose music aims to being awareness to listeners with his meaningful lyrics and has also raised money for Alcohol and Recovery charities.

You recently released a song called ‘You’re Beautiful’ which addresses various issues such as body image/appearance, sexuality, and insecurities….what sort of response have you received from those who listened to it?

The response has been incredible. I recently showed the music video at a few schools in Sheffield and the response I got really touched my heart because the kids really opened up and could connect with my song ‘You’re Beautiful.’ However there is a secret message. I wrote the song after being diagnosed with Arthritis and to the eye I look normal, but I do have days where I am in severe pain, so what I am also trying to say here is ‘you never judge a book by its cover’.

What inspires you to write your songs? do you have a set way of going about it?

Usually life experiences, because I have that emotion to go and write a song.  To put it simply I usually start strumming some chords on the guitar getting a basic structure and then I start writing lyrics.  


Image: Courtesy of Henry Maybury

Image: Courtesy of Henry Maybury

When you were a child, was being a musician something you always wanted to do?

Music has always been something I have wanted to do,  however rugby has also been a huge part of my life and at one point it took over because I was playing County, School and Club rugby. But when I was struck by Arthritis at 14, I started to get back in to it cause my music teacher caught me in a practise room singing “Robbie Williams-Angels” and after that he started putting me into the school concerts, local competitions and then music came back into my life stronger than ever. 


How did you feel when you put your first song out? 

When I released my first song ‘Lost days’ I was extremely nervous, because I didn’t know how people would react, but it all happened so fast, I just remember everyone saying, “wow this is so powerful” “it made me cry” “thank you so much for releasing this”  “wow it makes you think.”  Then out of know where I had a call from the CEO of the ‘Addiction Recovery Foundation” saying she believed my song ‘Lost days’ could save people lives, and she invited me to open the largest conference for addiction in Europe in London, which was just incredible!


Your song ‘Lost Days’ raised thousands of pounds for Alcohol Addiction and Recovery charities through the ‘Lost Days Charitable Trust’, can you discuss your motivation towards helping charities of this type and why?

It is something I feel hugely passionate about and always will, but not only myself, my mum is a huge part of this charity as well, and she always says what she loves about this work is that she feels like we are keeping part of Tom alive.

Image: Courtesy of Henry Maybury. (First time he met legendary actor John Challis who starred in his video 'You're Beautiful'

Image: Courtesy of Henry Maybury. (First time he met legendary actor John Challis who starred in his video ‘You’re Beautiful’

What do you think about issues such as body image in today’s media, and your view on how it is portrayed ?

There is certainly too much emphasis on having the perfect body and not enough on inner beauty.


You unfortunately lost  your brother to alcohol addiction in 2013, and writing is a way of channelling your emotions. Is there any advice you would give to someone who is going through the same thing with losing a family member and may need help?

It is different for everyone, but I personally feel that talking about your loss and opening up about it to others who have been through the same situation is a great way of dealing with your pain.


Are there goals that you have set yourself for the coming year in terms of your music?

Since the release of ‘Lost days’ it has been my goal every year to get this music video in to the 12 steps of alcohol to help those suffering from alcohol addiction. I also want to keep touring schools showing my educational music and videos to our future.

Image: Courtesy of Henry Maybury (During the shoot for 'You're Beautiful')

Image: Courtesy of Henry Maybury (During the shoot for ‘You’re Beautiful’)

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would love to go to America one day, and perform over there, especially in California because I love the look of the beaches and warm weather!


Given the option of 5 musicians (dead or alive), who would you like to do a duet with?

This is tough cause there are so many I would love to duet with, but the first people that come to mind this very second are: Robbie Williams, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Frank Sinatra, and Snow Patrol.

Image: Courtesy of Henry Maybury (Another from shoot of 'You're Beautiful')

Image: Courtesy of Henry Maybury (Another from shoot of ‘You’re Beautiful’)


Check out Henry’s videos for ‘You’re Beautiful’ and ‘Lost Days’ here:


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