Comment Piece: Narcissism and insecurities

I have written a comment piece about our seemingly narcissistic generation, what with the presence of cameras being available on the majority of devices, and younger teens being in possession of one – this all leading to insecurities amongst many people mostly to do with appearance. Currently always in the news is Kim Kardashian, who I feel is someone relevant to the topic I will be discussing. I will be mentioning the publishing of her ‘selfie’ book called ‘Selfish’…..funny I know. This sums up my whole view about younger teens who look up to celebrities like her, and often resulting growing teens always striving for the perfect body. As a user of apps such as instagram, I see daily the number of pictures fellow users post of themselves in bikinis or working out in the gym, for example. And it is clear to me how easily influenced people can be drawn in by often airbrushed images like this…but want to look like that! This comment piece I feel is suitable for publications such as ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Daily Mail’, and teen magazines including ‘Shout’ and ‘Teen Now’. Its placement would be in the last few pages towards the end of the publication.


guardian-article     guardian-mps


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