News story 1: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in Falmouth

As part of the Negotiated Portfolio, we are required to generate 3 news stories with the word count of between 350-400 words.

An idea that struck me for my first story is that of movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, opening on February 13th (Valentine’s Day) across the UK. I knew it’d be quite a hit in Falmouth, and so decided to look at the online bookings options for the ‘Falmouth Phoenix Cinema’, to which I found that the majority of its screenings were sold out for that weekend.

I went along to a screening, and then at the end asked several people what their opinions were and whether it lived up to their expectations or not.  I also asked them if they had known about the background to the story beforehand, or read the books. I later received information about the number of tickets sold (online too).

There were a lot of people present, and they filled up the room completely. I was lucky to even get a ticket for that entire week! This proved to me that it was very much a success in Falmouth, and liked the idea of making a story that was bound to be something spoken about globally – more local.

A story such as this I feel would be put forwards to be included in various local newspapers including: The West Briton The Falmouth Packet , or The Cornish Guardian. This piece could potentially be used as the cover story, or halfway through the paper.



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