Rocking it: An interview with White Miles

(Image: Johannes Kogler)

(Image: Johannes Kogler)

White Miles supported Courtney Love on her tour last year, blasting their energetic music to the masses & definitely leaving a mark on each audience member present!

Here Medina Rekic (Guitar/vocals) and Hansjörg Loferer ‘Lofi’ (Drums/vocals ) discuss how they met and the process of making their debut album, job: genius, diagnose: madness.

Both of you met in 2005, how did you meet? and what made you decide to become a musical duo?

Medina: We met at a band contest, both playing in different bands. There was no competition between us, quite contrary, we became good friends….hung out and played a lot of shows together. After all those years, in 2011 when none of us had a band, Lofi called me up one night and he wanted us to write music together. For me there was just ‘yes’.

You describe yourselves as a ‘dirty pole dance stoner blues rock duo’, what would you say inspires your music? is there a technique to writing your songs?

Medina: I love writing songs in my room on my own, so I can focus on my thoughts, words and the notes I am shredding down. Plus when you write on your own, you already have an idea of how the song should sound like:  rhythm part, melodies, effects and guitar parts. We do write together, which is way more difficult for me personally,  as a guitar player, but on the other side, it’s very challenging and refreshing. Luckily I do get along with both opportunities.

Lofi: The expression ‘dirty pole dance stoner blues rock’ is the best way to describe our music, our influences and passions. It’s dirty, we love pole dance, blues is on our side, rock is what we are doing.

Can you talk about the process of making your debut album, job: genius, diagnose: madness ? and what are your favourite tracks to perform on it?

It took us almost a year all in all to finish our debut album. We were lucky that there was no pressure on us, accept by the end of the year, we knew that we had to finish it, because, we were about to go on our first European tour. We really enjoyed working on every song very detailed, re-wrote lyrics, changed parts, tried out various instruments and our producer Jay Hundert came up with cool ideas of effects and adding backing stuff. 

Medina: I really love to perform ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Into Your Spell’ and ‘Fake Smile’. 

Lofi:  Surely it depends on the mood I am in, but I would say ‘Feinripp’ and ‘Into Your Spell’. I love to play ‘A’ – this song is absolutely exhausting, and it’s gonna be on the next album.

Image: Samuel Blake Lewis

Image: Samuel Blake Lewis

Last year White Miles supported Courtney Love on her tour, what was it like having an opportunity such as this? Any particular highlights?

When we got the message that we are going to be Courtney Love’s support band for her UK Tour, we were stoked to the bones. It was awesome, the whole tour was a highlight, but to emphasize something particular, I have to mention the last two shows, Micko joined us on stage to perform our song ‘Can’t Stop’. That was wicked, as he would say (haha).

Who do you look up to in the musical world? and why?

Medina: I have a lot of musicians I really look up to. But definitely an all time favourite would be PJ Harvey. I totally get her songs, her creativity in writing songs is what I would do if I was a solo artist. I don’t know how to describe it better, but yeah, I love her early records. 

Lofi: As Medina says – there are a lot!! but I truly consider myself a big big Stones fan, I ‘ve been listening to them since I was four years old. John Bonham is my favourite drummer, just because he was the most f**** awesome drummer back in the days and still is, with all his powerful beats and the way to fit them into the rest of Zeppelin.

Abse Photography

Image: Abse Photography

If you could perform with any other musician (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Medina: I admire Lindsey Buckingham, his way of playing guitar and writing and his honesty in interviews gives me a close feeling to this guy. Don’t know what would happen if I ever get to write or perform with him, the only thing I know is that I would be contented.

Lofi: Like I said John Bonham is my favourite drummer, I would love to do a jam on two drum kits, one would be more like a percussion kit. Another one for guitar, maybe a bass player, lock the door, get h*** as a kite and jam…

When you were younger, had you always wanted to be musicians?

Medina: Yes, when I was a little kid I always used to say I wanted to become a singer. When I was older, I stopped saying it, I just did what I did and never thought about it in a stressful way, like, I HAVE to become a musician. It was quite natural, I took it for granted.

Lofi: It has always been THE THING to do yeah!! My personal problem is, I really don’t know what else I could do….there’s no point of taking drugs when there is no sound!

Image: Antti Pitkäjärvi

Image: Antti Pitkäjärvi

What was it like the first time you played on a stage together? How memorable was it?

It was a memorable night for us, because everything turned out so fast. We wrote songs and rehearsed a few days before the show and then finally performing them together in front of an audience. It put a big smile upon our faces, because it felt so right.

In the coming year, what are the band up to? anything you can share?

We can tell you that we are going to release our second album in fall 2015, plus touring a lot and releasing a music film about our UK tour with Truckfighters and Witchrider. There are going to be new music videos and a lot more madness. 

If White Miles were to be on a desert island, what 5 things would you want to have with you?

A Flask full of Rum, Knife and Guitar.

Image: Samuel Blake Lewis

Image: Samuel Blake Lewis

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