Samantha Pardo on what drew her to her idol Anjelica Huston: “…..her appearance, her personality, her acting ability”


(Courtesy of Samantha)

(Courtesy of Samantha Pardo)

24-year-old Samantha Pardo from New Zealand runs one of the biggest Anjelica Huston fan pages through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here she talks about her love for the iconic Hollywood actress and why people of our generation should be more aware of her work…..

As the owner of various Anjelica Huston fan accounts on Twitter (which Huston herself follows), Facebook and Tumblr, what is it like sharing the love of somebody you greatly admire?

It’s such a special feeling and an honour to do this for Anjelica. I love and have the best time running the page whether its posting new pictures, videos or articles, I have this adrenalin every time I see a new picture that I have to share it, I get so excited that I can’t wait to show the Anjelicaholics because I know for some it makes their day. I can relate to a lot of Anjelicaholics who share the same love towards Anjelica and it’s a very unique, happy feeling that I am able to do this. I greatly admire her and I think she deserves a page, she is a very special person and in my opinion a Hollywood icon.

How long have you been a fan of Huston’s for? what drew you to her work?

I’ve been an Anjelica fan (Anjelicaholic) ever since I was 3 years old but became a huge huge fan when I was 17 and I’m nearly 25 years old. I remember seeing ‘The Addams Family’ and ‘The Witches’ at a very young age and was always fascinated about who Morticia Addams/Eva Ernst was, I asked my parents who she was and her name and ever since my parents told me “Her name is Anjelica Huston” I’ve never forgotten her. I remember seeing her other movies growing up, like ‘Ever After’ and immediately I recognised her and always thought she was a great actress. At times I considered Anjelica a family member because I grew up watching her films and always knew who she was. However I never loved and worshiped her compared to now. I liked her but that was it. However it changed when of all times I wanted to stay home and clean, crazy I know!. My family and I were away for summer at our beach house in Waikanae, my parents asked if I wanted to go for a walk at the beach, I said no as I would rather relax at the house. I decided to clean and I had the TV on, I remember there was an advertisement saying ‘The Witches’ was going to start at 12 which got me sooo excited as It had been years since I’ve seen it, so I got an ice block and watched it. I remember I got so sad once it ended and all I could think about was Anjelica. I wanted to know more about her, where she was born, other films she’s done, her hobbies and pictures of her. I sadly had no internet at the house so until I actually went back home in Wellington I could only think about her. I remember that same night of the film I told myself, “Anjelica Huston is my idol, my favourite actress, I want to be like her”, it was definitely meant to be. What drew me to her was her appearance, her personality, her acting ability, as I watched more of her films I got to see more of Anjelica’s talent, her talent blows me away and acting is one of my biggest passions which I really want to pursue in future.

(Courtesy of Samantha HP)

(Courtesy of Samantha Pardo)

This year she has released a two-part autobiography (‘A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in London, Ireland and New York’, and ‘Watch Me’) which brings the reader from childhood to today, discussing areas such as her falling in love with Jack Nicholson and her work in Hollywood. Before the first was released how did you feel knowing that soon you would be learning more about her life, in her own words?

I was super excited because I love finding out more about my idol, I remember waking up and founding a recent article online and had to read it twice as I didn’t believe it. It’s definitely something I never expected from Anjelica just like her joining Twitter that it takes a while till the news kicks in. I’ve read a book by Martha Harris called “Anjelica Huston: The Lady And The Legacy”, although I liked it a lot and learnt new things about Anjelica, I just didn’t feel that special connection, it just felt like an ordinary book, I always thought about how cool it would be if Anjelica wrote a book someday but thought this will never happen.  But I was counting down the days last year for “A Story Lately Told”, once I got the book (even signed) thanks to my wonderful friend JoAnne I felt that special connection with Anjelica, it felt as if she was there with me reading her book. I could hear her voice and felt her feelings and thoughts. The wait for it was definitely worth it.

(Courtesy of Samantha HP)

(Courtesy of Samantha Pardo)

If you could list her top 5 movies, what would they be and why?

This is probably one of the hardest questions as I absolutely love all her films and it’s so hard to choose but definitely the two Addams Family films and The Witches, these movies made me the huge Anjelicaholic I am today. I also have the best time watching them and it brings back a lot of good childhood memories. I love Morticia Addams and Eva Ernst so much, their elegance, beauty, and personalities. My two last top films, The Perez Family and The Grifters. I thought she was incredible as Lilly Dillon and looked hot as a blonde, you see her transform so much in this film. Anjelica is the queen of playing the bad person, she’s brilliant. I wish she had won the Oscar for Best Actress though. The Perez Family was a cute film, I really enjoyed her character Carmella a lot, loved her shyness and Anjelica nailed the Cuban accent. I was very fortunate that the film was on TV that same summer where I became an Anjelica fan.


How would you compare Hollywood from when Anjelica was at her prime to today’s? Are there any differences you would say?

I guess just how films are being made with fantastic special effects, as well as more international stars arriving in Hollywood, for example I am very impressed with how many Australian actors are in Hollywood now. Before the big name of the group a few years back was Nicole Kidman. I feel as if she opened the door for many Australian actors who’ve wanted to pursue acting in Hollywood. Nicole has done really well for herself and she’s very inspiring for hopeful actors who live down under. I also think Hollywood has expanded quite a bit more overseas , not only are films just being made in the US but in different parts of the world  for instance something I can relate too with Peter Jackson who directed ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy is from my city of Wellington here in New Zealand. He has really opened the doors for New Zealand cinema. Being from a country of 4 million people you would not think this would ever happen. Not only has he directed fantastic films but has won an Academy Award in 2004 for ‘Lord Of The Rings’, ‘The Return Of The King’.

(Courtesy of Samantha HP)

(Courtesy of Samantha Pardo)

Who are your role models (if any)?

Definitely Anjelica, I love her so very much and really do hope I meet her very soon. I am definitely a proud Streeper, I love Meryl Streep so much, she’s incredible. I have to thank Miranda Priestley for making me become a huge Meryl fan. Glenn Close is another super talented actress who I adore especially seeing her in 101 Dalmatians as a 9 year old. And lastly my friend Judith who is such a strong and beautiful person, she’s been through a lot this year and I am so proud of her for not giving up, I admire her strength and personality.

For someone who perhaps hasn’t seen any of her films, which is the most recommended to be first seen? why?

I definitely think either ‘The Addams Family’ or ‘The Witches’ as a lot of Anjelicaholics became fans after seeing these films. I enjoyed seeing them as a little girl and I enjoy them even more now as a 24 year old. Morticia Addams is so beautiful and elegant, nearly every Anjelicaholic wants to be her and Eva Ernst with that accent and beauty, you just fall in love with Anjelica immediately. 

Has social media changed the way people communicate and meet? so, in terms of your fan sites, what is it like gaining a new ‘follower’ for example?

I absolutely agree that social media has changed our way of communication and meeting fellow fans of any celebrity. I love social media; it’s so powerful and has evolved so much. What I love about having Facebook or a Twitter is the interaction with fans, I love chatting with the Anjelicaholics. I’ve been doing this for years, I love meeting people and get super excited when I gain new followers because I am about to meet somebody new. I’ve talked to so many Anjelicaholics from different parts of the world and love hearing their story of how they became a fan, and what Anjelica means to them. I have made friendships that will last for a long time and it’s because of Anjelica. Thanks to Anjelica I’ve met one of my closest friends Brooke who resides in Wellington. We meet frequently over lunch and enjoy chatting about Anjelica. It’s very special that from a message either on my Facebook, Twitter or other pages you can make a new friend.

(Courtesy of Samantha HP)

(Courtesy of Samantha Pardo)

Why are films such a powerful medium? What are your thoughts?

Films can relate to us in so many ways whether it’s for entertainment purposes or helps us become a better person, by sending out a positive message. For me personally, films are so very important; it’s been that way since I was a little girl, I have a very large collection of DVDs of different genres that I like to watch frequently. I love to escape reality and with films I am able to do that whether it’s just for an hour or so but I feel a connection with the characters and sometimes I like pretend I am a part of the film too. Movies is kind of like music, people love the lyrics because it represents how they are feeling or how they are as a person or reminds them of somebody close to them, in films I see that as the same effect and I think that’s why it’s very powerful. From personal experiences from feeling sad or having a bad day all I need to do is just put a film on and my mood changes.

Describe Anjelica in 3 words….

Beautiful, caring and talented


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