*SPOILERS* My thoughts on ‘The Walking Dead’ (S5) Mid-season finale death


(Just a side note: my views are in no way influenced by a ‘ship’ of any type!)

So, I watched ‘The Walking Dead’ mid-season finale yesterday morning, and I know we were warned that we’d need a packet of tissues because of a big character death, but I was in no way expecting to see what I did!

I understand that not everybody is going to love a certain character, but that’s the sort of thing you’d expect from a show that so many enjoy and closely follow. It is always upsetting when a death occurs in the show, but this for me is one of the worst endings to a characters life, Beth’s now up there with her father Herschel (he got the chop).

Beth Greene (played by the BEAUTIFUL Emily Kinney) was a person who from season 2 until the middle of season 4, you may have thought of as pointless, weak, and only there to provide care as baby-sitter for little Judith. This was my original view of Beth, but when she was separated from her sister Maggie and got away from the prison with Daryl, we slowly saw her become stronger as a person (with the help of Daryl) and I feel she gave Daryl sense of hope in such a miserable world….

(As stated on 'The Talking Dead') ' Norman Reedus said that Beth embodied purity and honesty in Daryl's world'

(As stated on ‘The Talking Dead’) ‘ Norman Reedus said that Beth embodied purity and honesty in Daryl’s world’

I have mixed feelings….gutted and amazed. Even though I got the sense of foreshadowing from when she and Daryl were sitting outside the ‘moonshine shack’, Beth getting her brain blown was so out of the blue! Just when she was becoming her own & even though she’d never be ‘cross-bow wielding’ badass….she was still pretty badass!

beth 1

beth 2

I guess the writers want to show the brutality of this story, and that nothing good could ever last…am I wrong??

Another thing is the whole season up to this point felt like back in season 2 when Daryl was searching for Sophia and then built that up to just have her dead before even being able to have a reunion with her mother Carol. So in this instance, it was awful that Beth didn’t have the chance to reunite with the rest of the group and tie up some loose ends (potential chemistry with Daryl, and come to terms with her fathers death with Maggie). It just bugs me that we’ll never know the true thinking behind the ‘OH’ moment Beth and Daryl shared at the funeral home before she was taken away.

Personally, Beth was one of my favourite characters and a very relatable one at that. She is how I think I would be in a zombie apocalypse – a gradual change from scared and weak into a brave badass like Michonne?? (I’m wishing). Though it may have been her time to go, the death scenes felt very rushed and didn’t seem justifiable. Just my opinion.

On ‘Talking Dead’ however, Emily Kinney was talking about her last moments filming and her favourite memories of the cast. She is SO sweet and obviously cared about her job and ‘Beth’, as she was speaking you could tell that she was trying to contain her emotions, and cracked. Chris Hardwick (the host) handled it very well and gave her tissues as well as a hug. Robert Kirkman seemed a bit awkward? How she reacted is more upsetting than her on-screen death!


oh no 1      oh no 2

However, it’ll be interesting to see from here onwards how the story progresses, and when it continues in February what will happen with reactions to Beth’s death, and MORGAN (yup! he is the one that appears once every 2 seasons..haha).

Thank you Emily Kinney for bringing to life a lovely character. No matter what anybody says, whether you loved or loathed Beth, every person brings SOMETHING to the show!! Plus, cannot wait to hear more of your music.




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