Lissie at Union Chapel, London – 1/7/2014

American folk rock musician Lissie Maurus performed at Union Chapel, Highbury & Islington

American folk rock musician Lissie Maurus performed at Union Chapel, Highbury & Islington

My rating: 10/10

Taking place inside the beautiful Union Chapel in Highbury & Islington, Lissie performed an impressive set list, comprised of many of her songs from albums ‘Catching a Tiger’ (2010), ‘Back to Forever’ (2013) and her new self-produced covers EP, ‘Cryin’ to you’. It was so exciting to be able to hear her perform all my favourite songs and the audience getting in the spirit made the experience very memorable.


DSC02682    DSC02664


I was first introduced to Lissie’s music when recommended by a friend who sent me a whole bunch of songs from both her albums. Instantly I became obsessed and literally listened to it ALL THE TIME – even during my work outs when jogging around the block!A favourite of mine from ‘Catching a Tiger’ is ‘Little Lovin’ which really got the audience going during the gig – everyone got up and started dancing and clapping along, so fun.

(A short recording of that brilliant moment):


DSC02704   DSC02683

What I was most impressed about was that her vocals are pristine and sound EXACTLY how they do the records. Lissie’s shows display that you don’t need crazy theatrics to enthrall the audience…and for that reason she has pure talent.

Opening the show with ‘Oh Mississippi’, a crazy cool atmosphere was created and you immediately knew that the show was going to be a fantastic one! Her unique take on Judas Priest’s ‘Electric Eye’ (included on her new EP) I was very very amazed by. Other songs performed included those such as ‘Shameless’, ‘They All Want You’, ‘Mountaintop Removal’, ‘In Sleep’, ‘Record Collector’, ‘Further Away (Romance Police)’, ‘Bully’ – to name but a few. Her accompanying band and backing singers were equally amazing and it was wonderful to see the audience appreciate their talent as well.

DSC02705   DSC02706

This was the first time I had been to a show of hers and I was curious to see her performance style….I was not at all disappointed and would definitely go again whenever given the chance. I fully recommend that anybody who has an interest in this genre of music to go along and experience for themselves how phenomenal she is. I hope she gains more recognition in the future, she bloody deserves it.

DSC02711   DSC02730



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