Courtney Love at Shepherd’s Bush Empire (May 11th 2014)


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My rating: 10/10


I had been waiting YEARS to see the wonderful Courtney Love perform live, and I was not disappointed AT ALL. So when I had the opportunity to see her in London I jumped straight on board!


The gig which was part of Courtney’s UK 9-date tour started off with a bang at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and I am very pleased for how successful the show was. Its atmosphere was incredible and the audience full of energy and excitement. Between the songs were hilarious banter which did not fail to make the audience laugh. Courtney is a funny lady and she definitely shone when it came to her crazy humour. Something that particularly struck me was her stage presence,  it is simply incredible and she still has it! What made the experience even better was having a seat right in the centre on the balcony – which allowed me to get some amazing shots.


I had been anxious to see what the audience would be like: would they be crazy? calm? friendly?   Well, I needn’t have worried as I made friends with the lovely Alessia Di Giorgio who was seated next to me.


The support act White Miles were brilliant, both as a band and to be chosen as Courtney’s support act on this tour. They kicked off the show and brought the spirits of the audience up in an epic way…head banging and all! I was instantly intrigued by this band, and throughout the whole of their set was hooked by their powerful onstage presence and catchy music! At the end of their set I immediately noted down the name of the band and made a memo to check out the rest of their awesome music when I got home. Both Medina Rekic and Lofi Lodir are incredible musicians, so this was a fantastic introduction to their sound and they have definitely got me wanting to come back for more!

IMG_4031                                IMG_4032


Courtney performed many fan favourites, the majority of songs from her band Hole, as well as treating the fans to a performance of her new single You Know My Name/Wedding Day . The song that really got the audience spurred up was Rock Star (Olympia), a song that had not been played by Courtney and Hole for over a decade. For me it was a joy to hear any song sung, because I love every one of her and Hole’s tunes, so this was an honour.


Each performance was received with raucous applause and cheers which was great to see/hear.


She was also kind enough to meet fans outside of the venue and happily signed autographs and took pictures for a good while. My friend who I met struck lucky and met the grunge goddess herself! I met front lady Medina Rekic from the support group White Miles who came out before Courtney.


Medina Rekic (of White Miles and I)

IMG_4030                          IMG_4034


A fabulous night was had all around, and I cannot recommend enough those who are fans of hers to see her perform if you can!


Courtney’s Set list:

  • Wedding Day
  • Miss World
  • Plump
  • Honey
  • Malibu
  • Reasons to be Beautiful
  • Rock Star (Olympia)
  • Skinny Little Bitch
  • Violet
  • For Once in Your Life
  • 20 Years in the Dakota
  • Celebrity Skin
  • Asking For It
  • You Know My Name


  • Northern Star
  • Doll Parts


YouTube channel  ——-

Twitter           ——— 

Facebook page    ——–


White Miles

Courtesy of White Miles

Courtesy of White Miles

The band consisting of Medina Rekic (guitar/vocals) and Lofi Lodir (drums/vocals) specify in the ‘dirty pole dance stoner blues rock duo’ genre!

Set List:

  • Fake Smile
  • In the Mirror
  • Show Your Hope Where the Dope Grows 
  • Can’t Stop
  • Do What the Devil Says
  • Hushmoney
  • Hell of a Woman
  • Feinripp
  • Into Your Spell


Check out the bands website for details of their debut album “job: genius, diagnose: madness”,  & other info….

Their website —-

Facebook Page —–


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