“Her music just spoke to me”, says Lisa Marie Presley’s biggest fan


Jamie meeting Lisa Marie Presley

Jamie meeting Lisa Marie Presley

Jamie Goff is a Lisa Marie Presley superfan, and has seen her perform many times at various shows on her Storm & Grace tour. I had a chat with Jamie to discuss the legendary LMP (the impact she has had on her life) and indeed about herself!


Being a huge fan of Lisa Marie Presley, what is it that draws you to her and her music?

I first became a true fan of Lisa’s when I first saw her in concert in 2003 at the State Fair of Texas. Her music just spoke to me. Then as I got to know more about her & her quest to pave her own path in the music industry the more I loved & admired her.

Having met Lisa Marie at her concerts, what was your experience like? Can you tell us more?

The first time I met her was in Austin, Texas in 2006. Back then it was a lottery system where you sent in an email & hoped to get picked for a meet and greet. I was lucky enough to win but was sad that my husband who is just as big of a fan of hers did not get picked. The concert was spectacular of course & then afterward came my chance to meet Lisa for the very first time. I was a bundle of nerves but that mostly subsided when I walked toward her & she gave me the biggest warm & welcoming smile. I told her I loved her & was so excited to meet her. I then asked her if I could have a hug to which she replied “Of course you can!”. On this tour for “Storm and Grace” I have been lucky enough to see & meet her twice at Queen City Music Hall in Ft. Worth. The second time was even more special as my hubby was able to be with me & to have his dream of meeting her finally realized. I am very happy they now have VIP tickets instead of the email lottery system that used to be in place because you can buy a guarantee to meet Lisa.

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From her albums To Whom It May Concern (2003), Now What (2005) and Storm & Grace (2012), do you have a favourite? Why?

Oh gosh this is a tough one as I love all if her albums & songs. I must say from her previous albums my absolute favorite is from ‘Now What’ and is the song “Raven”. It touched me so much because the relationship between Lisa and Priscilla is so very similar to my relationship with my mother whom I love with all my heart. I feel much as Lisa does though that ‘Storm and Grace’ is her perfect fit. You can tell how much she poured her heart into this latest album. I adore each song but my top favorites are “So Long”, “Weary”, and “Soften the Blows”.

For those who have never seen Lisa Marie perform live, can you describe what her set is like? Does she have a distinctive performing style?

 I will say when you go to see Lisa perform live be prepared for a very intimate show. There are not tons of bells or whistles. There are not stage theatrics. You don’t need that with Lisa Marie Presley and she knows that. You get Lisa, her incredibly powerful voice with her beautifully written songs. You get her extremely wonderful band & that is all that is needed.  She is also very good about interacting with her audience. She will take to time to be sure she hears a question being asked if her by a crowd member and do her best to answer them. An intimate show with an enigmatic singer songwriter & lovely person.

Have you ever visited Graceland? If you have, how was it to see the house where she and her family lived?

I have had the pleasure of visiting Graceland many years ago. It was mostly a pilgrimage for my hubby who is a huge Elvis fan. Was a surreal experience walking the halls that he, Lisa and Priscilla once walked & seeing where they lived their daily lives. We definitely plan to make it back some time.

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There are a lot of misconceptions about Lisa Marie in the media (e.g. moody and living off her father’s name), what are your thoughts on this?

As a true fan of Lisa’s it is so annoying seeing the press or anyone that doesn’t get her saying she is living off her fathers name. Furthest thing from the truth there is! In fact her FEAR of being compared to her father could have easily kept her from pursuing a career in music.  She has fought to not be compared to him & has fought hard to pave her own path without using her name to do so.  Lisa herself had admitted she cringes when she sees older interviews of herself because she comes off as angry or hard. She felt the need to be defensive because the media has often been harsh towards her & relentless about her past. With her finding happiness in her marriage with Michael Lockwood, her beautiful children, her life in the UK & her latest album which she embraces & is proud of she has softened that protective wall a great deal.


Now…more let’s find out more about Jamie!


What are your musical preferences? Any genres that you particularly enjoy?

I’m a music liver in general. The only music I’m not a fan of is rap & metal. No offense to all the rap & metal fans out there! My favorite genre are Rock & New Age music though.

photo 4

Where in the world would you love to visit that you haven’t had a chance to yet?

My two absolute dream places to visit are New Zealand & Australia. I dream of specifically visiting Australia Zoo one day as I was & still am a HUGE fan of Steve Irwin & his family. 

If you were trapped on a desert island, what 3 things would you want to have and why?

If I were trapped on a desert island the 3 things I would want would be:  1. My family, 2. My iPhone with a signal of course, and an outdoor grill.

If there is a soundtrack that would best suit your life…what is it?

I would honestly say that Storm and Grace would be a soundtrack for my life. There are so many things I relate to Lisa on & those experiences & feelings are reflected a great deal in the lyrics of Storm and Grace. Love LMP & can’t wait to see what music she blesses us with in the future! 

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Here are the links to Jamie’s blogs about my recent LMP experiences:








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