‘Othello’ at the Leicester Square Theatre


James Alexandrou as Iago (left) and Nari Blair-Mangat, Othello (right)


My rating: 9/10


Now, this is the second time I have seen a Shakespeare play, but never at a venue quite so intimate – the first being at the Globe Theatre.

This particular production about one of William Shakespeare’s most popular works showcases the talent of some fine young actors/actresses.


Cast members:

James Alexandrou —— Iago

Christien Bart – Gittens  —— Herald/Messenger

Annabel Bates —– Desdemona

Nari Blair-Mangat —— Othello

Adam Blampied —— Roderigo

Jim Conway —— Brabantio/Montano

Helena Doughty —— Bianca/Attendant

Emily Jane Kerr ——- Emilia

James Law ——- Duke of Venice/Second Gentleman

John McLear ——- Lodovico/First Gentleman

Boris Mitkov ——- Cassio


Being one of Shakespeare’s most exciting plays (with its characteristically dramatic ending), I was definitely looking forward  to what I will be seeing and how the characters would be portrayed. I was not to be disappointed however, because the cast totally blew my mind! Due to the close proximity in which the play was performed, you could feel the intensity of the scenes played out. I was most impressed with the individual scenes involving James Alexandrou (Iago) and Nari Blair-Mangat (Othello), where with regards to the character of Iago he spoke directly to members of the audience during his soliloquies, and Blair-Mangat was brilliant displaying the growing insanity of Othello. The whole cast is perfect and each makes the characters their own.

I really loved the use of the space and how the actors wove themselves in and out between the audience members throughout the scenes. With the play laid out this way, it made the story easier to get into – drawing you in with the powerful dialogue. Lighting was also cleverly used, and so you understood the atmosphere you were supposed to feel. For example, during tenser moments in Iago’s soliloquys, dark red was used. Another aspect I particularly liked was looking around and seeing the reactions to other audiences members faces, especially when one of the actors moved very close to them!

The costumes I thought were beautifully designed and really added to the characters (obviously).



The costume design sketches

Overall I had a fantastic and memorable night – one I won’t forget in a hurry, that’s for sure.

I highly recommend this to anybody who is a fan of Shakespeare’s work, or even if it is just for an evening outing, you won’t regret it.



This is the productions final week, so be sure to get your tickets here and see what all the fuss is about! (link below):



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