Writing the news story




Next, I had to write a news story on something I felt was very relevant to the subject of our magazine. ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is a popular talent show on TV which I feel never fails to bring the laughs. I interviewed a few people on their thoughts of the show and they all came to the same conclusion – that it was funny (of course).

To write the article, I followed the Pyramid structure: introduction, expansion of introduction, quote, context, another quote and then the background of the subject. In order to make the article flow, it is essential that I keep to this so it reads as a proper article too.

There were three images in particular that I felt would suit the piece, and this is of the four judges, the logo for the show itself and the advert starring David Walliams (one of the judges) to promote the new series that aired on Saturday 12th April on ITV1. This funny element should perhaps make the reader laugh while they read it (if they remember seeing it on TV).

I included quotes from two of the people I interviewed for this article as I didn’t want it to feel like I had crammed unnecessary quotes in just for the sake of it – they all go nicely and were carefully picked.

Some research was done for the last section of the article – the background section. This part is interesting because you will learn a little bit of history about the show in a summarised form.

I have also managed to keep within the word limit that had been specified within the assignment briefs.



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