Writing the two features for hand-in

Today I set about writing my features which I will include in the online magazine. As we had already as a group planned on what each of our features would be about, I now had to think about the content that would be in the feature itself.


  • Travelling the world – is this the answer to happiness?

again for blog

I had already some ideas in my head of the sort of images I wanted to include in order to accompany the text. To best illustrate my points throughout the feature, I images chosen for example, was of a person looking like they have reached their goal at the top of a mountain and a sign post pointing towards particular countries. Within this feature, I wanted to explain the reasons for why some find that by going abroad and travelling, that they are broadening their horizons and feeling a sense of achievement.

I think that this feature is generally very informative of the various reasons why people want to venture out like this and thought it’d be a good idea to include some results from travel surveys which reveal a great deal of interesting information given by the participants.  Also, I gave a brief account of my own experiences of travelling abroad and about the people I met and their thoughts on what they too had learned.

An idea that I thought would be nice was to start off the feature with a quote on travel, so one by Saint Augustine was fitting. Another quote which I mention is my famous hiker Chris McCandless who I felt had some wise words to say about what it is to be happy when it comes to travelling and why it makes you feel this way.


  • What is the link between weather and depression?

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With regards to this feature, I felt it was important to talk about the subject of what it is that links weather and depression because it is so common among the population – or susceptible to it at least. So to make this feature enlightening I felt I needed to include quotes from some different people who have had experience with depression and their advice too.

This feature I think is an interesting read and I give a background to what Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is and two of its theories, evolutionary and biochemical theory. Also, I give a list of the recognised symptoms that accompany SAD/depression to give people a better idea.

Advice is also provided on what you can do with the resources that you have at home, in terms of exercise and boosting your mood.



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