Our magazine cover and the title

our sample cover

Our sample magazine cover

This session it was time to agree on a catchy yet simple title for our magazine. Having browsed other examples of good titles, I put the idea forward of just using ‘HAPPY’….simply because it is…SIMPLE! And as you can see from our sample cover above, it works doesn’t it?

During this time, we also started to get to grips with how to use inDesign…something I personally find scary since I don’t know how to use it at all! Above is the result of our basic visual idea of how we’d like the cover to appear. A powerful image which would aid the cover in ‘slapping you in the face’ we decided should be that of a smiling old person, so we looked for great examples on google. We aim to capture an image of our own for this, but these are back ups in case it is needed.

The headings surrounding the cover are placed where we feel is best, without hiding too much of the powerful image.

The size of the mast head was vital too, because we were advised that it’d look much better as a larger font. And we think keeping the colour of the font white is good, seeing as it goes with the colour of the clothes the old man is wearing.

We were also given the chance to think through what we are all going to write for our features and potential news stories. Some of the ideas that came forward was that of interviewing some people from the old people’s home about their life experiences, etc.

Feature-wise, this is who is writing what (so far):

* (?) – subject to change

  • Emily: Music and depression/Fashion (colours)
  • Me: Weather and depression/Travelling (my experience in Fiji)
  • Lydia: Exercise and depression/Realtionships (?)
  • Maria: Food (chocolate)/ (?)
  • Mika: Sport (?) / Volunteer Work (?)


—– After much debate and several changes, we have settled on ‘H’ as the title of the magazine because it encompasses ‘happiness, health and hope’ – the three main subject areas of the online magazine.


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