Choosing themes

Where we took inspiration for the single-lettered title 'H'

Where we took inspiration for the single-lettered title ‘H’

This session, we began to look at the various themes that are available on WordPress, which in turn would help us to see how the magazine will look like depending on the structure of the page.

As it had been agreed that the department would pay for any expenses we were to make through choosing our favourite theme. This is very helpful because the themes that you have to pay for allow you more freedom to install plug-ins and make your magazine come more alive – very handy.

Several great themes stood out to us, but we have managed so far (through a process of elimination) to select 3 of the best ones…and these were…

  • Formation
  • Matheson
  • Point

The reason why these came out and ‘slapped us in the face’ (as it were), is because we liked how there was space for a mast head (title of magazine) at the top, then underneath it one large box for a main image. Below this was the place for where the many articles would be placed. We want the look of our magazine to preferably be simplistic and fresh…as it the whole idea of the magazine is based on positivity/happiness.

We had all been advised to use high quality pictures within the articles because this would of course be more attractive to the reader.

Also, a rough flat plan was created just so we could get a basic idea of how and where the articles would be laid out.

Next we have to design our front cover.




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