Discussing ideas for theme of online magazine

So first of all, it had been recommended that we use WordPress as the basis for our online magazine (or newspaper) depending on what our groups have chosen to do. In my group, we decided to do an online magazine because it would be different to what we had done before.

In the groups we got together in, we sat down and wrote out all of our ideas that could potentially be used for the online magazine content and what it should be about.  Some of the ideas that were jotted down were:

  • Travelling —->Cornwall/or the world
  • Student activities
  • Animals
  • Tattoos
  • Environment
  • Sports & Adrenaline
  • FXU
  • Science
  • Culture (‘Hidden Falmouth’)
  • Religion/culture/lifestyle

After this list was made, we realised that rather than choosing one area to focus on, we could bring all of it together and write about each of the subjects.

We then were given the task of suggesting ideas for features to be written….Some of these ideas are as follows:

  • Food – why & how it makes you feel happy ( Some chemicals in food, such as chocolate have chemicals in it that stimulate the brain etc.)
  • Weather & depression (the cases in places such as Norway where they have a high level of suicide due to depression and weather, the relationship being that with months without sunlight leads to depression/& or suicide)
  • Music & happiness (all people have a favourite tune to listen to to cheer them up)
  • Travelling – broadening horizons (some people LOVE travelling around the world)
  • Relationship with animals – happy companions (single individuals who own a pet Cat or Dog, best company)
  • Relationships (what kind of relationships are good, etc)
  • Exercise & depression (the evidence that exercise is recommended by doctors rather than drugs to combat depression)
  • Fashion – the idea of wearing bright colours (bright colours, bright mood)


Next up, deciding upon the name of the magazine.




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