London Fashion Week 2014: Highlights

London Fashion Week 2014 has now come to an end, but a trail of glamour is always left behind in the city.

Some of the designers whose collections were showcased throughout the week:


  • J. JS Lee (Jackie Lee) —- Trademark piece “embossed details on solid fabric”

(From her Autumn/Winter Collection)

J. JS Lee Autumn Winter 2014 J. JS Lee 

  • Amanda Wakeley ——- trademark piece “luxurious use of fabrics”

(from her Autumn/Winter collection)

amanda wakeley a Amanda wakeley

  • Ryan Lo —— trademark piece “pink frocks”

(from his autumn/winter collection)

ryan lo ryan looo

  • Simone Rocha —- Trademark piece “the floating perspex brogue”

(from her autumn/winter collection)

simone rocha simone rochaa

British model Cara Delevigne also launched her collection of bags for Mulberry….


It is always interesting to see the newest unique collections by very talented designers and allows up & coming ones to be noticed and showcase their truly eye-catching  pieces worn by the models.

Paris Fashion Week is up next!!


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