Surprise by Justin Bieber – “…then I felt a tap on my shoulder…”

Lalita Selochan and her hero Justin Bieber during surprise visit at the Apple Store

Lalita Selochan and her hero Justin Bieber during surprise visit at the Apple Store

16 year old Lalita Selochan got the surprise of her life when international superstar Justin Bieber came to greet her and friend Jessica at the Apple Store in New York – he even bought them the new iPhone!

So it has recently come to everyone’s attention through yours and Justin Bieber’s Twitter that you met him and something very exciting happened! Would you like to tell us more about it?

Of course! So what happened was one of my good friends Jessica (@jujuismyworld) and Emily (@EmilyCGarden) went to his hotel with me. And we waited a while to try to meet him, eventually when it got late Emily went home, Jessica and I stayed. We chased after Justin’s car and walked more than 2 miles to try to find him but when that didn’t happen we went back to the hotel at around 4am. Our feet were in so much pain, we wanted to chop them off. We got back to the hotel saw tweets about how he went in the hotel already and on his way in he blew a kiss to everyone. Jessica and I got so pissed because all we wanted was to see his face so waited for a while. Eventually I told Jessica, “Let’s go to the Apple store because Justin’s probably sleeping to go to the Super Bowl later, let’s come back at 8am and see if we can get him.” So we go to the Apple store and chill there in the warmth. Both of us losing some hope but still holding on to some, I DMed Justin. Hoping he would read it then I begun to think “there’s so many girls out there I don’t even think I’ll meet him because it never happens.” Then Jessica and I decided to watch the ‘Confident’ video. We were fangirling like Beliebers and I was like “Please don’t make me cry because I have a feeling we won’t meet him ugh.” I was tearing up because while watching this video I kept thinking how I just wanted to talk to him and hug him and just see his face. I begun to think about all the countless times we waited in the cold for him for hours, outside his hotels and arenas hoping something good would happen. We continued to watch the video, then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I heard “I see you guys checking out the new video.” I turned around to see JUSTIN DREW BIEBER STANDING RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES. MY MIND BLANK. I COULDN’T BELIEVE THE FAITH. He was casually checking out a nearby iPad on the table and I looked down at his arm at his sleeve of tattoos to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I look up at Jessica, both of us on the verge of tears. I pulled out my phone to take a picture but Justin said “No pictures please.” So I respected him and put my phone away. I was breathing very slow so I could calm down and not scare him away. Justin comes up to us and asks “What’s your favourite colour?” Jessica said pink & I said blue. Then he told us to follow him. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his beautiful face omg. My heart was pounding so hard. He told the guys that worked there “I want a pink one for her and a green for her and let me get a yellow for me.” I kept staring at him making sure I wasn’t dreaming. He handed us the iPhone 5C he bought for us. Then he asks me how old I was and I told him I was 16. He was like “Really?! Nooooo.” And I built the nerve to flip my hair and ask him hold old he thought I was and he said 18. Then he turned away to talk to one of the guys, as I kept staring at him from head to toe checking him out. “Justin?” I asked. He turns around and HIS EYES WERE A PRECIOUS LIGHT BROWN. “Can you just stand there for a moment so I can stare at you?” I asked. Justin crosses his arms across his chest and does a cheesy pose asking “why.” I was so taken back by his sexiness I got tongue twisted and Jessica yells “‘CAUSE YOUR BEAUTIFUL.” Justin giggles making my heart shoot across the room. Then he takes pictures with us. Jessica went first, and then before I went, I took my hair out of the ponytail it was in and went next to him. I put my hand over his shoulder and purposely placed my other hand on his stomach to feel like abs. After we took the picture Jessica told him, “We are true Beliebers” and he said “I know.” My mind was still blank at the sight of him standing in front of me. I asked for a hug and when hugging him I told him, “Thank you for saving my life.” He smiled softly and I stood aside as he begun face timing with someone. Justin was like “I got some Beliebers over here.” We showed the man he was face timing our iPhones Justin bought us. Justin ended the call with, “Meet me at the hotel bro.” But the special moment was when I hugged him because everything slowed down and I couldn’t hear anyone else in the room. Everything was still and it felt like only me and Justin was in the room. In case you’re wondering he didn’t smell like anything. We exchanged high fives and I told him, “No matter what stupid rumour comes up, I’ll always be by your side. Always a Belieber!” He told us he loved us and went upstairs with his bodyguards. I yelled “I LOVE YOU.” And as soon as he left, I dropped to the floor and begun weeping. I couldn’t believe what had just happened! NEVER DID WE EXPECT HIM TO BE AT THE APPLE STORE BUT HE WAS THERE AND WE MET HIM. We’re forever cherishing our phones. BEST MEMORY EVER. NEVER WOULD I EVER HAVE THOUGHT THAT HE WOULD BUY ME A PHONE. I came home at 11 and tweeted my picture tagging Justin’s twitter in it. As time went by the iPhone was blowing up with twitter notifications. It was past probably 50 minutes that I then noticed HE RETWEETED OUR PICTURE TOGETHER.

Jessica with 'the Biebs'

Jessica with ‘the Biebs’

Did you expect Justin to be how you originally thought?

He was EVERYTHING I expected him to be. Sweet, handsome, funny and just a normal amazing teenager.

How long have you been a fan of his? And what did you find appealing about his music?

I’ve been a Belieber since late 2009. I loved his music because his lyrics made me feel beautiful and special. His songs made me feel like I was worthy and loved when I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Justin’s songs have helped me many times from self-harm and his voice just makes my bad thoughts disappear. There is no word in this whole universe that can describe my love for this one boy.


An unexpected gift from their idol

An unexpected gift from their idol










They say it sometimes isn’t a good idea to meet your idol (for fear of disappointment), do you think this is true?

Well it depends on who your idol is, because some celebrities can be nasty towards their fans. But in Justin’s case I totally disagree with this statement because he loves his Beliebers just as much as we love him and he cares about us. Meeting him is not a disappointment.

The news was released last week about Justin’s arrest and the mug shot too was revealed, what did you think about the events that happened? And what do you think of all the media coverage from then onwards about his every move?

That past event that has happened honestly has scared me because we could’ve lost him. But to have his story magnified by the media, I thought was completely unnecessary. And it still hurts me to this day to see how broken he was when you look into his eyes in his mug shot. My heart breaks every single time.

The newspapers have now grouped Justin along with the other child stars who have had troubles – ‘the curse of the child star’, do you agree with this label he has now been given?

No I don’t agree with this label he has been given. He’s a regular teenager and he will make mistakes. People do much worse things than what Justin’s been attacked for doing. I believe he will learn from this and grow from it. The media is another thing that pisses me off. They wait and watch for him to make a bad mistake so that they have a story to sell. Yet they don’t write about the countless good things Justin has done to change the world. The media needs to stop making Justin seem like such a trouble person when in reality he’s nothing but a good hearted person. He’s human just like everyone else, he will make mistakes.

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As a ‘Belieber’, do you have any opinions on what other people’s views are of him? Are they fair?

Other people views on Justin is very ignorant because they only pay attention to what the media says, even if it’s just a rumour and not true…people believe it anyways to just have something to hate on him about. They Aren’t fair because just by the false allegations they hear at times they automatically label Justin as a horrible person without looking at all of the good he’s done for other people.

the teen heart throb

the teen heart throb

Justin is the most followed celebrity on Twitter with a follower number of 49.4million (and counting), what do you think about this particular social network? Do you feel it is a great way to connect with him and other fans?

I think Twitter is amazing. Because of twitter I’ve met some amazing people I’ve now grown close to and call my close friends. Twitter is a great way to meet other people who you have things in common with especially when it comes to a specific celebrity because it brings everyone together as a family. Also, I think twitter is a great way for him to connect with his Beliebers because it shows how much he cares and he sees how much love we have for him.

Have you ever been to see him on tour? If so, what was it like?

The only time I’ve seen him on tour was on August 9th, 2010 on his ‘My world’ tour in Atlanta. And it was the BEST night of my life! I loved every second of it and he’s so damn talented.

In general, how do you think the media treats young celebrities? Do we need to always be informed of what is going on in their daily lives?

The media puts so much pressure on young celebrities and sometimes the pressure from the media is what breaks those young celebrities. We don’t need to be informed of everything that goes on in their daily lives but that is a part of the consequence you pay when you become famous.

Justin and his mother, Pattie Mallette

Justin and his mother, Pattie Mallette

Check out Justin Bieber’s new single ‘Confident’ from his album ‘Journals’:


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