Throwback: 50s Fashion

When you think of fashion from the 1950s, I’m sure you will immediately associate this with the ‘teddy boys’ and ‘greasers’ – this sort of image portrayed in the popular musical ‘Grease’. And you are right!

Various male fashion stereotypes

Various 50s fashion stereotypes: Beatnik, Teddy Boy, Preppy and Greaser

The fashion from this period is very memorable, due to its many icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and James Dean to name but a few. These particular people had a unique style that has resonated in the minds of people for over 50 years now since it started.

Rare Photographs of Elvis Presley (9) (1) Marilyn Monroe 1954 silk tight dress fur stole


Popular designers in the 50s were that of Dior who used vast amounts of material to help accentuate the female hourglass figure. This was supposed to be the ‘new look’, completely contrasting with what was worn during the previous decade where clothes fitting for body shapes were more rigid and plain. Cristobal Balenciaga however, went to the opposite end of the spectrum and set about designing clothes that would make the feminine figure appear more sleek and less exaggerated. In France, Pierre Balmain created what is considered to be the quintessential French style, focusing on femininity and elegance.


With regards to swimwear, it was more modest than what we see today when at the beach. As modeled here by Jayne Mansfield….

jayne mansfield swimwear


3BD6A377 shoes08

Female fashion


Ausstellung "Fashion Passion" in Sao Paulo

a typical jive dress

Typical jive dresses with polka dots

  Male Fashion

Cool Ted

Teddy Boys


The selection of styles

  • Beatnik

the Beatnik style consistted mainly of turtle neck sweaters, berets and dark glasses….


  • Teddy Boys

This certain style was inspired by the clothes worn by dandies during the Edwardian period in Britain. The style features tapered trousers, long jackets and fancy waist coats.


  • Preppy

the going to college look


  • Greasers

too cool for school? …..HAS to include Leather….and a lot of hair GREASE!


Other items of clothing that was popular during this period:

  • Beanie (seamed cap) mzkyECIWSG-bHP5kVqp1hiQ
  • Horn-rimmed glasses il_570xN.192631796
  • Varsity Jackets VarsityJacket2

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