An interview with Vincent M.Ward

Vincent M.Ward has most recently appeared in 'The Walking Dead' as Oscar (the prisoner) (courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

Vincent M.Ward has most recently appeared in ‘The Walking Dead’ as Oscar (the prisoner) (courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

You have recently become most recognised for your role in ‘The Walking Dead’ as Oscar, who was one of the prisoners, how does it feel when you attend fan conventions and receive such attention? (e.g the petition going around to get Oscar back into ‘The Walking Dead’)

It feels good to know that the people (fans, supporters, followers, family) appreciate and respect my character and my work as an actor…It blows my mind because I learn things from them I never thought of, and for people to petition makes me feel good.

What were your experiences of meeting the cast when you first started? Any memorable moments?

I didn’t know anyone because I had never seen the show, so I just went in and did my job…I got to know everyone and I liked what I saw..They where real people, loving, hard working and no egos…

As Oscar in 'The Walking Dead' (courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

As Oscar in ‘The Walking Dead’ (courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

Oscar is the only prisoner who is actually in the original comic series, had you read any of these before you got the role? Do you generally have an interest in this genre of fiction?

Never knew he was in the comics until now… What happen to him? Did he get shot in the side because Rick was flipping out there too? I never read it but I respect what they’re doing with it.

 While filming on set, what sort of things did you do in between to pass time? Were there any pranks that were performed?

I just kept going over my lines so I wouldn’t mess up and tried to stay cool when we filmed outside…Too hot for pranks…lol


with co-stars Danai Gurrira (Michonne), Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Norman Reedus (Daryl)  --- (courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

with co-stars Danai Gurrira (Michonne), Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Norman Reedus (Daryl) — (courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

We have heard how you did not realise that your ‘Walking Dead’ co-star Andrew Lincoln (Rick) was British until you went out to dinner with him, what was your first thought? That must have been funny!    Were any of the cast mates not how you had expected them to be?

Yeah the British accent caught me off guard because he was always Rick when we talked and I was in shock. We just laughed and so did his wife because she was there too. I didn’t put in any thought about how anyone would be because I didn’t know them nor do I judge people anyways…I just focus on being a true professional.

What is it like to film in Georgia? We have heard many stories about the weather conditions – it being hot and humid, so is it hard? Have you been there before?

It’s hot, that’s all I can say and I’ve been to Georgia plenty of times…My dad is from there.

(courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

(courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

Having appeared in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, what is the difference between working on a movie set and that of a TV series?

Movie and TV are the same because they both make me smile because I’m working. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me, I love being on the set.

If you could choose 5 other people who you want to have on your own zombie apocalypse team (celebrities), who would you select and why?

Samuel L Jackson so he can yell and cuss them out, Kevin Hart so I can laugh and not feel so miserable all the time,Bobby Flay so we can still eat good, The Big show from the WWE because he is bigger than me, and Halle Berry..Well you already

What country in the world would you also like to visit that you haven’t already?

I would like to visit Brazil..They seem very passionate and they always show me love on Twitter, sometimes to much love,lol…Beautiful place and women.

You have recently finished filming some new projects including ‘4Play’ and ‘Live – Evil’, how does it feel when new projects such as these come up?

I’m like the new ‘Walking Dead’ billboard, I don’t look back, I focus on the future, so I finish projects and keep it moving towards the next one.

If you had not become an actor, is there another occupation which you would have liked to have taken up? And do you have any advice for those wanting to break into the industry?

Once I focused on acting I never thought about anything else and can’t see me doing anything else. I love acting, I would say don’t give up because the day you give up may be the day GOD decides to bless you with what you have been waiting for.

(courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

(courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)


You always appear to have the best dress sense and are currently the face of ‘Stevenland’ clothing line, do you feel that what we wear tells somebody else a lot about ourselves?

I like how I feel when I’m dressed because I always smell good too. People never think I’m Oscar from ‘The Walking Dead’ and I tell myself you must ugly as hell on the show because the women really can’t believe it. I’ve been called the black Norman reedus (that’s funny) I will take it as a compliment I guess…lol

With regards to life, which would you agree with – Free Will or Determinism? Why?

I say live life because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

 I believe in GOD.

If you were trapped on a desert island, what 3 things would you want to have with you?

Water, food and a woman.

(courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)

(courtesy of Vincent M.Ward)


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