Reflective Post (Media Pack and final touches)

For our final meeting today we spent several hours editing the media pack and readjusting a few of the features.
The media pack specifically took a lot longer to do because the word count was between 350-500, but we managed to get up to around 700, meaning that it had to be heavily edited and cut down.

I helped another member of the group write up what was to be included in the media pack, and did checks on grammar throughout the text as well. This was vital because it needed to look professional and state accurately what is within the magazine.

In terms of features, my ‘Finding Dory’ article needed to have the quotes removed in order to fit the news page that had been created and had the story illustrated with a picture of Dory. Then the background was sorted out and the colours were made suitable to the articles within the frame. The whole point of this is to make sure there are no white spaces – would look wasted.

Colour has been one of the main factors involved in making the magazine look good, otherwise it just wouldn’t work. Issues we encountered for example was the front cover and how the dark colour of the text was making it blend into the background. It is in these instances that we have to make sure that the colours are correct for the article and its background.

We all printed off and filled out a self-assessment form which we have put together with the print out of our blog URLs for these reflective posts.


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