Reflective Post (Starting the media pack and trial printing)

So today we met with the rest of our magazine group once again, and decided it was time to start on the media pack and further editing more pieces that are to go into the magazine.

I worked with one other person on starting to do some research and write a paragraph about what the magazine is about and what it entails. This was interesting in itself because we did some research in order to help inform us of what to include in this media pack. So to start off, we wrote about who the magazine is aimed at and what sort of things the reader would encounter while reading it. Also,  the purpose of the illustrations were stated as well, and the reason is to act as a visual tool to help attract the reader. Then, we all wrote what features, reviews, and news stories were featured within. As well as this, there are activities for the reader to do such as ‘Build Your Own Pirate’.

Something else that was worked on today on how the magazine pages would look like printed, and we just had a few issues with the pages that came out, it didn’t work properly.

We went over what font was best to use once again in order to perfect the look and make us feel satisfied with the end product. With regards to the front cover, we decided it would be much better to change the background from the map of Cornwall/UK to a underwater scene which we thought would be more appropriate.

Editing of the features was also done, so things like punctuation, spelling and cutting out any paragraphs/sections we thought weren’t necessary – looked too wordy.


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