Reflective Post (Some rearrangements and testing)

Yesterday we met once again with our group and worked together for a couple of hours on thing such as going through what has been added to the main magazine layout on inDesign and then tried testing out printed versions of some pages.

We looked through each slide that Corey had from everyone on the inDesign program that he had saved and discussed how some plain backgrounds could be filled or made to look better. It is important to consider these things, because as the content is directed at kids then the visuals are obviously important.

On some peoples features they had changed their mind about how they wanted their pieces to actually look so we saw so rearrangements made with the text in places. And editing like this will occur over the weekend before Tuesday when we meet again for the final time before handing in our finished product.

Colour scheme was also reviewed and we have all agreed that what we have so far is good with regards to the colour of text contrasting to that of the background. The only minor change will be to do with the front cover where the picture of the Cornwall underneath the hand cupping the ship is too dark and will be made slightly lighter.

After we had changed various bits as explained, next came test printing a few of the laid out pages to see what it would look like when printed, and whether the colours appear right when on paper. That seemed okay for now.

We have decided that the majority of everybody’s work including that of the two features, review and news story which is good and should result in a fully packed magazine filled with awesome articles and information for the readers to learn.

1505487_10201179808518238_1720204548_n                                                                                                            1527040_10201179808758244_952863798_n


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