Reflective Post (additional pieces to do before hand in)

Over the Christmas holidays, we have all been given tasks to do such as writing one news story to add to the magazine layout.

My news story I decided would be about the new ‘Finding Dory’ film that is to be released in 2016. I asked the opinions of younger people who had seen the first film, ‘Finding Nemo’. Also, this topic is suitable because our first issue of ‘History’s Mysteries’ is about all things sea related.

Another task involved was choosing which pictures were good enough to illustrate the article. This will hopefully attract the readers to reading the story of (maybe) their favourite film.

One of our group members has purchased the inDesign program, so we have been sending him our articles and he would arrange them into the layouts on the design tool. This tool is great, because you are able to see how your feature/article would look laid out before having it printed as part of the whole magazine.

For our deadline hand in, we have to give in an individual portfolio of our news story, two features, review and a black and white print out of one of our features that has been laid out on inDesign.


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