Reflective Post (Putting our features on an InDesign Layout)

Now was the time to layout our features on the InDesign program on the computers. The whole aim of this task is to put our features onto a double page spread and sort out where we want to place the text and images. We worked with our group and got some help with each other since not all of us were as experienced with the program than others. Until this project, I didn’t realise how much thought actually went into the design layout of a magazine: everything from flat plan to how you want the text laid out on the spread.

Several things I had to think about whilst being helped, was how the text was going to fit into the double spread as well as the images. The look of the background was something I had not considered before, so for now it would be plain but with boxes around the fact box sections on the spread. This will all change however when it comes to the next ‘draft’ of it, if you will.

The images we have chosen for the feature are going to be drawn by hand so it would appeal more to the reader and to avoid any copyright issues. Our group member Harley is taking on some of our images (he is a better artist) which is great because that way we are all working together. But for now, the images in the feature which I have submitted to be looked at contains the actual images until the illustrations are completed. This is the same for the background too. My chosen font is another element that was important for my feature, and I went for the ‘Algerian’ typeface at size 12.


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