Reflective Post (layout ideas etc)

During yesterdays lecture, we had the chance to speak with everyone in our groups – this time discussing the magazine layout.

There were several things to be considered such as the size of the paper (A4) and it being 32 pages , the width of the margins and columns. We decided wider margins for our magazine because as it is for children, it would be appropriate to see more white space around the features etc. For this reason we thought it’d be best to not use drop caps at the start of a feature/review as it may confuse the child reading.We had been advised to think about what fonts to use (appropriate to the audience), so our chosen type face is ‘Standard Sans Serif’ because it is simple and not difficult to read. However, the fonts will not change for the headline on each issue. For example, like ‘Horrible Histories’, it will remain consistent.

Illustrations are important in this magazine, because the images need to speak for themselves (no captions are wanted unless necessary). And how the image appears will be unique due to the fact that they are hand drawn/sketched to make them more appealing. We have to be careful though, because children are much more aware these days with how graphic or realistic an image looks, so it cannot be drawn too simply.

Once this area was decided upon, next on the agenda was what the cover of the first issue would look like. A suggestion was to have a globe on the front, but with the title supporting it rather than an actual frame.

With regards to the layout plan of the magazine, elements we felt would be great to feature within the pages is a ‘Revolting Recipes’ section (a gruesome recipe from that period/subject), a glossary section (or flash cards which can be collected with each issue). Then in terms of the double spread features, fact boxes and ‘Did you know?’ would be vital to add.


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