‘The Walking Dead’ – Season 3


My Rating: 9/10

As you may know from reading my previous blog post on The Walking Dead Season 2 review, I had only started watching the series (and not even in the right series order) back in March. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode to date and I don’t know about you guys, but I find them VERY addictive.


The show is captivating with it story lines and the acting is top notch

So Season 3 continues from after the group are forced to leave Herschel’s farm when trouble broke out and a HUGE herd of ‘walkers’ made their way towards the farm. Barns were set alight and the house was burned down as a way of trying to wipe out all the zombies.

Andrea is separated from the group and we assume she has set off on her own (which she has) and we don’t see her for several episodes). The remaining people briefly stay at an empty house that has some food in its cupboards before discovering that there is an apparently empty prison that could possibly be inhabitable. It is from here onwards that the plot indeed thickens and thing get a lot more complicated. Unbeknownst to them, there is a secure community called Woodbury which is controlled by ‘the Governor’. This cheerful fella has the appearance of a very charming man, but underneath it all he turned out to be PSYCHO! We learn that his favourite things to do is killing his men and being very manipulative, managing to get it on with Andrea (we will get to that later).


The cast looking very normal

The main plot of this season involves a kind of war if you will between Woodbury (though the Governor particularly) and the group of people we have come to know and love. With the addition of new characters such as Michonne – who saved Andrea when she was surviving on her own in the woods. They both end up in Woodbury after stumbling across Merle…yes, that’s right!…MERLE! He works with the Governor now, doing all the dirty jobs.

Anyway, as the story develops, we discover that in order to regain control of his establishment (his little community), the Governor threatens

Back at the prison, Rick’s group come across some Prisoners who were locked inside the Kitchen when surveying the whole prison looking for supplies and they had to take Herschel in there for Rick to hack his leg off after he was bitten when a herd of zombies attacked them. It seemed funny that because the search and rescue team hadn’t come back for these shocked prisoners, the obvious reason being that they had been savaged to death by these lovely munchers) they had no idea what the world was like outside and technology such as phones were no longer in use….they were a bit late to the party you might say. One by one however, they are shot by Rick in protection for him and others, because apart from Axel the other 4 were trying to take back ‘their cell blocks’. Axel proved to be trustworthy enough to have him stay in the same cell block as them harm-free. All seems to be going well so far at the prison, but back in Woodbury, the Governor’s true colours are slowly coming through and although Andrea refuses to see it at first Michonne keeps on trying to get her to see what he is really like and doesn’t hide her hate towards him. The Governor uses the ‘walkers’ as forms of entertainment which Andrea is disgusted at, and Milton (the Governor’s researcher/scientist) secretly burns the pit that has the trapped zombies in. Andrea tries to run away from Woodbury to warn the prisoner group about the Governor’s (or Jaffa Cake eye as I like to call him) plan to come and take over the prison, killing everyone if Michonne was not handed over. Jaffa Cake eye eventually finds Andrea and keeps her hostage in a rather Fifty Shades – style torture chamber. He then finds out who burnt his stash of walkers and this results in him killing Milton (I felt sorry for Milton, the Governor is one scary individual) and like a domino effect, bites Andrea. Then an even more cheerful thing happens and Andrea shoots herself.

There were sad moments aplenty this season, when Lori died during childbirth being monumental in the story line. This had a profound effect on Rick (obviously), and as Carl was the one to end his own mothers life, this made a major change of character.

The other deaths happen as followed:

  • Axel – This is one of the most random shooting scenes. He was shot by one of the Governor’s men while having a casual stroll with Carol, and ended up acting as Carol’s bullet proof jacket. (sad, as he was a humorous character in the series).
  • Merle – after trying out his luck and deciding to take out the walkers and shooting the Governor and his men, the Governor caught Merle, bit is fingers off and shot him. This scene was very emotional, because when Daryl (who has been searching for him) found Merle, he was hunched over munching on a bloody body. This lead to one of the best ugly crying faces ever!


  • T-Dog – his death was really unexpected, having had nice neck and everything fed on by the hungry ones. He was quite a hero though in my opinion, because acting as a distraction, he saved Carol in the process.

Performances have been very strong from the actors this season, with all them showing their full range of emotions. I was really impressed with David Morrissey who plays the Governor, he plays the menacing character spot on and even makes you fall for his charming personality and HATE his evil side.


At San Diego Comic Con 2013 (from left to right: David Morrissey (The Governor), Chad T Coleman (Tyreese), Danai Gurrira (Michonne), Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Scott Wilson (Herschel Greene), Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Steven Yeun (Glenn)

Deaths this season: Axel, Lori, Andrea, Merle, Milton, T-Dog

Episode titles:

  • Seed
  • ‘Sick’
  • ‘Walk with Me’
  • ‘Killer Within’
  • ‘Say the Word’
  • ‘Hounded’
  • ‘When the Dead Come Knocking’
  • ‘Made to Suffer’
  • ‘The Suicide King’
  • ‘Home’
  • ‘I Ain’t a Judas’
  • ‘Clear’
  • ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’
  • ‘Prey’
  • ‘This Sorrowful Life’
  • ‘Welcome to the Tombs’

Here is the trailer for Season 3:


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