Reflective Post (Conference)

This lesson, we had the opportunity to sit around the table with our magazine production group and discuss with each other what features we’re all to do and perhaps what in what period of history particularly. As our first issue is sea-related, an idea I had was to do one of the two features on the history of the River Thames – it’s trading and the various bridges that cross it (maybe!).

Each member of the group will be reviewing/writing features on various aspects of sea life… for example, someone is going to do a feature on sea myths and legends…this should engage the kids for sure (mermaids etc).

We also discussed the colour scheme for the cover of the magazine, and how it could vary as each issue is produced. We didn’t want anything too clashing and crazily bold, just the right colour which will make the magazine attractive to the buyer.

Within the magazine, we thought it was a good idea to feature a section with reviews for the parents with recommendations/reviews on history books which we feel are essential to their reading list.

With regards to the Flatplan, we have been given the task of writing down what we are doing and sending it to the organiser of the plan, so we know where everything will be placed.

Our jobs during reading week include writing up these features/reviews and taking some pictures to go with the articles.


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