Reflective Post (The Presentation)

Oct 22nd – So it was time for our group to pitch our magazine idea to two professionals (the creators) from WED magazine and our lecturer Linda Jackson. We had already decided what we would want the magazine to contain and so we looked forward to hearing the opinions of the people from WED. 

We showed the presentation slides and mood boards which we created to the class as well as the Dragon’s Den – style panel hoping they would like what we had to offer.

The mood boards contained a merging of all our inspirations for illustrations, fonts and magazine styles etc.

The magazines title is Histories Mysteries, and is aimed at children from the ages 7 to 12 years old. The whole idea of this bi-monthly magazine is to get children interested in learning history that is not what can be found on the curriculum at the moment in schools. While not copying the style of Horrible Histories , we would like to make the topics as entertaining and interesting to the children as possible. Engaging them is our main goal in this production. We thought about offering the readers a freebie every issue which is cool.

We received positive feedback from the panel which was great and this has encouraged us to think up even better ideas for future editions.

After the feedback, we as a group had a discussion about who would have what position in the magazine production and what our features would be on for the next deadline.


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