Reflective Post (Magazines)

When you look through magazines, you may notice that there are particular styles that the articles and layout out of it adheres to. For instance, in terms of the framework the adverts, articles and contents page are all laid out in a specific way which becomes a standard eventually for that publication. Also, another aspect that is noticeable would be the type of illustrations used and the fonts too. This may be related to the age of the audience which the magazine is aimed at.

There have been many ways in which magazine brands have been reigning in the readers by drawing their attention to other ways of accessing their magazine, through apps for tablets/iPads or online editions. In a way, these are examples of brands branching out and potentially gaining more readers by making their magazine available through such mediums

In our groups, we have had to think of a magazine concept to which we all finally agreed upon – Children’s history. We are all creating individual mood boards (consisting of what we like in terms of illustrations, fonts and magazine styles) which will then be put together so we can see everyone’s ideas.


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