10 Questions with…..Sean Clark


Sean Clark – Writer, Producer and Owner/Operator of ‘Convention All Stars’ (Image: courtesy of Sean Clark)

Q: Over the years you have produced numerous horror films/shows including ‘Horror’s Hallowed Grounds’ (2006), ‘The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond’ (2009) and ‘The Nightmare Isn’t Over : The Making of Halloween II’ (2012). Which project has been the most fun to do, and why?

A: Hands down making The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond was a dream come true. My first and so far only feature film with a horror nerd’s dream cast. What more can I say?

Q: Your first feature film ‘The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond’ starring actors such as James Duval, Robert Patrick, Danielle Harris and Richard Tyson was released in theatres in April 2010. What was it like having a project which you wrote (along with Michael Berenson and Gabriel Bologna) come to life? What was the process of choosing the cast?

A: Well as I just said it was a dream job. Gabe and I wrote the script. I honestly don’t have a clue what Michael ever did nor did I ever meet him. I think he may have been involved in the very beginning contributing ideas to the original script however when I got a hold of it I changed it about 70% so I doubt anything he was a part of ever made it into the final version of the film. With this business if someone ever hand a hand in it then legally you have to give them credit and that is what happened there. As for casting I always had Danielle Harris in mind when I was writing it. I brought in James Duval, Richard Tyson, Nick Mennell, Tom Procter and Elise & Electra Avellan. Everyone else we picked from open casting calls. Except Robert Patrick who was brought in by one of the producers.


Q: As a youngster, were there any horror films that you always watched? Would you say that these have contributed to your work and influenced you at all?

A: I watched every horror film I could get my hands on as a kid. ‘Halloween’, ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead’ were ones I watched over and over.

Q: Have you ever encountered or experienced anything supernatural?

A:  I’ve never experienced anything supernatural before and don’t really believe in any of it.

Q: As owner and operator of ‘Convention All Stars’, you have recently been with Norman Reedus to various fan conventions due to his part in ‘The Walking Dead’, going to these events to help him out (and others like Sarah Wayne Callies), how do you find fans reactions to be? Similar or different in certain countries?

A: Fan reactions are pretty much the same in each country. Fans are fans where ever you go.


Accompanying Norman Reedus at one of his many fan convention appearances

Q: Judging by fans tweets to you on Twitter, you seem to be gathering even more of a fan base since accompanying Norman Reedus on his convention appearances. How does it feel to suddenly have a lot more attention focused on you? As you said in your Twitter bio, ‘A guy with too many black t-shirts that is the background of too many Norman Reedus photos.’ Some even wear ‘Sean of the Dead’ shirts!

A: I appreciate all of love and attention I have been getting lately. I always had a small fan following because of Horror’s Hallowed Grounds and other genre related things I have done but Norman’s popularity has definitely raised the public’s awareness of myself and my projects. Fortunately those that have looked into my seem to appreciate it as well so it has been a real win-win for me. I am very fortunate to have a great friend & client like Norman and I take nothing for granted.


…with Norman Reedus

Q: Working around these conventions and events, who has genuinely left you star struck?

A:  I rarely get star struck but I am absolutely a fan boy at heart. I nerd out over the lamest celebrities. Most recently Kristy McNichol who I had a boy hood crush on.


Sean with David Cronenberg (director of ‘Cosmopolis’ and ‘The Fly’) (Image: courtesy of Sean Clark)

Q: Are there any quotes from a horror film that you find are memorable and have stuck with you?

A: There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t say at least one movie quote. A favorite is from ‘Dawn of the Dead’ (1978) ” We got this. We got this by the ass!”

Q: Is there a country that you have visited and love? Also, one that you have not been to but would love to go to? 

A:  I really love England. Great people and always have a blast. I am really looking forward to going to Japan & Brazil.



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